Jailbreak Technology Is Taking Over on Tour

Jeff Newton

Here’s some big news: Rogue is the #1 Driver model on the European Tour this week. And more players are choosing Rogue because of Jailbreak Technology, which promotes incredible ball speeds.

Last week alone:

– Callaway won the driver count, meaning Callaway was the most played driver, on the Champions Tour for the first time IN 15 YEARS!

– We dominated the LPGA Tour count, with 55 drivers in play (54 of the 55 had Jailbreak Technology). No other brand had more than 32 drivers.

–┬áThe majority of those LPGA and Champions Tour pros were not on staff, meaning they simply chose to play a Callaway driver because it was the best one for their game.

This European Tour driver count win is another huge achievement for Rogue. And it’s only going to get better from here.

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